French accents are outrageously sexy.

They are also incredibly dangerous, bypassing all normal cognitive processing

Examples can be seen right around the bottom of Sacre Coeur, masses of French Africans selling ‘Traditional African Bracelets’ and normally sane people (myself included) for some reason succumb to this and fork out between 10Euro (if you are lucky) up to 20Euro (if you are american) for a piece of braided cotten thread. Like I said, dangerous.

In a remarkable derail of thought, I have this bad habit, and Freudian psychologists will no doubt claim it is some latent Oedipus thingy, but when waking up after general anaesthetic or ungodly doses of pain killers, I will try to hold hands with my girlfriend, even if she is not in fact there, and even in the case that I don’t actually have one.
I remember once, a couple of years ago, being quite upset because I kept trying to hold hands my lovely girlfriend (I actually had one at this point. I think…) but she kept slapping my hand away, which of course, only made me more determined. About 5 minutes later after I had given up and was feeling dreadfully sorry for myeslf, I realised that I had been groping the hand of a rather large, hirsuite, mannish nurse who had been trying to take my pulse.

I need to reasses my pick up skills.