So have been reading up about a few surgical options to reduce the chance of another spontaneous pneumothorax happening. Doesn’t sound like fun. The new methods at least are keyhole – they dig 2 holes in your chest, 1 for the tool and 1 for a video camera. They then rub gauze all over your lung which makes the lung very angry and it responds by forming adhesions onto the pleura. This will reduce the chance of another pneumothorax down to 3% which is a darn sight better than 10 – 50%.
Another option, is about the same, but theys spray talc (as far as I can tell, yes, the stuff you sprinkle inside your swimming cap) all over your lung, again, pissing it right off and forming adhesions.

The old method involved going from your sternum to your spine like a can opener…

So possible solution, however, over one blebdisease, the support group for this sort of thing (Hehe. blebs) some people have experienced chronic pain after the procedure and have had nerves removed and lidocaine daily… hmm doesn’ t sound like buckets of fun.

So to recruit the enormous power of the interweb, if you are, or know a, pulmonologist, send em over my way.