Word of the day : Oleaginous.

  1. Of or relating to oil.
  2. Falsely or smugly earnest; unctuous: oleaginous flattery.

Top 3 Occupations

Superspy. Possibly related to my excitement with a new James Bond adventure – this one even featuring my new favourite sport of pakour. Gadgets, women, imminent but never realised death. Brilliant
Liklihood : Well I have had a rendevous at Cafe Adler, so thats one step closer isn’t it?

Opera Singer whilst working with Opera Australia I met Richard, who was, much to my great annoyance, irritatingly handsome, but more than that, he had a voice of molten chocolate. (The swiss kind, which can only be made by absurdly content cows in stupid picture postcard swiss alp type places with blonde pigtailed milchmaids caressing their teats)
Men, women, small children and assorted air borne bacteria all went weak at the knees (or flagella) whenever he said anything, let alone sang. I want to be able to say ‘Where is the toilet’ and have people swoon.
Likliehood : As my singing voice sounds like a sick cat being dragged across a violin I doubt it.

Absurdly Content Swiss Cow for the above reason of milchmaids…
Likelihood : due to a disgraceful life, poor karma bank balance and a non-belief in reincarnation, not very.