Rest assured the baby penguin hasn’t been abandoned or clubbed to death, just been preoccupied.

So, I’ve finally managed to make it to Anger. I’m really really fucked off. After recovering quite nicely from the whole collapsed lung thing, my heart decides to join in the fun and starts going funny, racing for no good reason and nausea to go with it. Buckets of fun. I was dealing ok with it until I went to the hospital and had my tests taken in the company of incredibly fat, old American men who’ve enjoyed a few thousand too many hamburgers in their corpulent lives. It was just so damn frustrating, I mean I would consider myself rather fit, and being reduced to having a sit after a flight of stairs is rather humiliating. (On the plus side, the nurses were considerably more attractive this time around)
I know I should be making the most of staying in Paris, and it is great and I’m trying, but when those darn squishy organs start packing it in, it arses up the fun quotient.

On the plus side, Unfed has done very well, showings around Europe, and also will, all going to plan, be shown on ABC early next year!

The folks at Noise seemed to like my photography and I managed to be Artist of the day, which is not all that exciting as most everyone gets to be artist of the day at some point. But in anycase check it and there is a vote and I’d much appreciate it if you would oblige and do that. Means I might win some money, which is good considering the whole lack of job and career thing.