So a year has come and gone again, and a new one has begun.  Being one to jump on bandwagons and such, I decided to make resolutions to change all my unproductive and nasty habits which I happen to enjoy, and thus will break immediately with a suitable feeling of guilt. Masochistic? Yes.

The biggest one is to challenge myself to sit GAMSAT, the exam for graduate entry into Medicine.  Which is all well and good, except it requires 1st year university level knowledge of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and biology.  I meanwhile have done none of that since high school, which is getting further and further into the past.
Luckily Mr Zombie Bunny is quite the nerd and is providing me with amusement and unproductive time wasting.


The others being to revert to being able to bounce coins off my abs, my current doughiness is disturbing, though if i ever need change for a train ticket I just have to jump up and down, and coins from the previous experiment will invariably tumble out.

Why is it that I can’t program worth a damn except in the wee hours of the morning? It is beyond me why I can only make workable code after midnight.  I can’t even make ‘hello world’ work prior.