She had a pretty face, a head full of hair,
Soft gentle golden curls such that
Strangers would stop and stare.
Her parents proud as proud can be,
showing her off for all the world to see.

However one fateful day,
The girl developped trichotillomania,
And started to pull her hair out
much to her parents dismay.

In strands, squiggles and clumps,
In bunches, scrunches and lumps
Out it came, her beautiful hair
leaving twisted knots and patches bare.

Pretty no more,
strangers still stopped to stare
they whispered amongst themselves,
Her mortified parents in despair.

They decided to end the shame,
the innuendo, the blame!
So under cover of dark,
they shaved her bald, clothed her warm
and abandoned her, in the park.