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This is may look like beached giant cybernetic squid,  but is in fact something I developed with an architect in response to a design brief for a Flight 93 memorial design in the United States.  Unfortunately we didn’t win, so no giant squiddy monstrosities will be appearing soon, but it was a really interesting project, and for me I found the exploration really interesting.
I developed a system where we simulated turbulent airflow over the terrain model and then chucked particles through it, and by tracing those lines in space, managed to create this thingy.  It was a really interesting thought experiment as to new ways of exploring space and generating forms.

Turducken of doom

In 1793 was a pale sickly boy born,
Evil, Mean, said to be of the devil’s spawn
He shied from light, possessed strange powers
Loathed people, animals and flowers.
while other children stomped on ants
He chose sticks and baseball bats
Pounding dogs, rabbits and cats.

His parents fretted and prayed
As he grew meaner, each and every day
His appetite was inhuman, never satisfied
He’ll grow out of it, the doctors cried
So they waited and waited
And waited some more
But that happy day never arrived

As he turned six, things turned sour
Not content to bash and pound, he wanted more.
His eyes flashed with rage and power
And in a fit, his victims he devoured.
First it was small, hamsters, marmots and mice of course
Then mooses, dogs, cats and horses.

He enjoyed it so very much
But soon stopped to ponder; think and such
How dreadfully inefficient eating things one by one
When I could eat it all in one giant gulp
And have it all done
So in a stroke of inspiration
He created a new and unholy creation,
The magnificent turducken roast
Made from chicken in a duck in a turkey host.

But soon the day came when it just wasn’t enough
He need more. More meat and, and Stuff!
First he started small; pigeon, gerbil and dodo
Then came camels, goats and a hippo.
Into his ghastly mouth he crammed this meaty beast
But the attempt to devour this horrid feast
Had an effect quite unexpected
As his belly became swollen and horribly distended
similar to overcooked sausage, or wurst
His tortured belly swelled , jiggled and burst.