So, as I’m about to head off to Melbourne on a contract I really wish i wasn’t doing, I have settled on a preference list, paid up my $70 and am writing out supporting documentation. Yes its really quite as thrilling as it sounds

1.USYD (it has gargoyles. I dig that)

2. Flinders

3. Notre Dame Sydney

I am so stupidly excited about this.  when I got my results – I tried laughing, crying and puking at the same time which ended up much like a bad tasting hiccough.  Not only did I pass, I passed well enough to consider almost all unis. I’m still thinking a letter will arrive telling me that no, they got it all wrong. And with ACER’s reputation for excellence it would not surprise me at all. Though it would certainly bring out my lesser nature.
But its been a freakout researching universities as I obviously didn’t bother to do any earlier. But i’m happy with my choice, now the hard part is over – I always thought that if i can get past the blasted GAMSAT I’d be allright. So here’s trying to stay positive!

The whole process is such a waiting game, its really nerveracking. Though hopefully it will mean that when I make it, it’ll make it all the sweeter.

I’m still doing UMAT as an insurance policy as I registered before i got my results.