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It was cool.
If you grew up in the 80’s and male you were probably like me and spent most waking moments going ‘ker cher ke cher ke cher’ and trying to turn myself into something other than a rather short, chubby little boy.  Due to a lack of flexibility and ball joints in inprobable places the best I managed was something akin to a wholly unconvincing rock.

Anyways, it was a epic movie with plenty of cheese, pro american military gung ho-ness, required hot chicks, plot holes, etc etc. But its cheerful good fun and definitely deserves to be seen on a big screen.  I mean giant robots punching each other and breaking stuff.  Doesn’t get much cooler than that. I have spent the last few hours again trying to transform into something, with no greater success than 16 years ago. Blast.


Been thinking a lot about this, due to protracted arguement on a few forums and have been reading the rash of atheism books at the moment.

Interesting article on Francis Collins (of DNA mapping fame and Christian) and Richard Dawkins

Curled up on the couch, long pale limbs tucked in, hugging herself in an oversized sweattop.  Her feet in stripey socks crammed into the gap between cushions. Wispy hair frames her face as she dreams of catching mice. or something.

 one day that oversized mouth of hers will one day gain sentience and eat her own head.

Word or Phrase of the day

Dunning-Kruger effect –is the phenomenon whereby people who have little knowledge systematically think that they know more than others who have much more knowledge.

Our techy was a highly annoying man who displayed classic Dunning – Kruger effect.  He pretty much examplified the reason why i dislike some mac users.  Upon learning I used a PC to do graffikal/multimedia work he promptly berated me that Mac was indeed far superior to anything on PC.  When I pointed out that my main applications – Maya and Touch work well on PC. (Maya does run on Mac as of recently) he said that “Bah thats because you use crap PC programs”. Last I checked Maya was a rather well regarded application.
He also boasted that his hearing range was from 2hz to 26khz. Which may be true, though from what I understand of people working in the live music industry thats probably unlikely, who cares? I mean we were doing notes for the show. I couldn’t give a crap if he could hear god himself talking at that point. Ok thats not Dunning-Kruger but still, freaking annoying having someone spending 10 min regaling us his superhuman hearing while we are doing notes.

Continuing on with my stream of conciousness rant – this rant was allowed to continue because our director was incapable of well, directing.  On numerous occasions she should have stepped in and executed directorial decisions and she failed each time.
When a choreographer scheduled new rehearsals outside of official times ‘Talk to him, I had nothing to do about it”
When a choreographer and a dancer had a tiff (rather entertaining too) she didn’t broker a peace or enforce a timeout and mediation. Her solution was to sit at the edge of the studio and say ” I dont know”, then followed by ” she’ll be here”. When it was plainly clear that there was no way those two could actually see each other and not try to kill each other.

A multimedia designer taking photos of shadow play. Simple yes? Well no, it turns out that if you are  bumbling retard and take photos of backlit shadows on a white sheet WITH THE FLASH ON, astonishingly nothing comes out other than a big fat white blarg.
I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if a/ it wasn’t 20:00 on a day i was supposed to finish at 16:00 and b/ having to put up with her constantly reminding us just how damn good she was

Now what else can I rant on about? actually that’ll do for tonight. Good day

After the show, as she walks out the door

“I HAVE to see my boyfriend tonight”

Next day as she enters the dressing room

“Oh my god, my throat is so SORE, I was barking like a dog all night”

I recently did a project with Adam Synott and was reminded of how much satisfaction and pleasure I used to get and is possible to get from creative pursuits.  Working with friends, people who have a solid understanding of process, and who trust each member in their skill was an all too rare joy.  It used to be like this, working on the things I wanted to work on, with people I wanted to, on projects I was invested in.  But somewhere along the way, I ended up pursuing bigger gigs, bigger contracts, commissions and compromises.
I think we came up with some fantastic stuff, certainly interesting things that will lead on to bigger and better things.  Its such a difference from commissioned works where there is money but so many restrictions, egos to satisfy, and where more time is spent discussing than making.

I’m currently dancing again, I’m not really enjoying much of it, due largely to the attitude that is so prevalent in the industry.  Because we are the ones who are up on stage, we care deeply about how we look, and so companies will exploit that by scheduling too little rehearsal time for what they want to achieve and then cram in extra hours, extra weekdays, cutting breaks, lunch knowing that we’ll take it in order not to look stupid.  But really, in every commission I’ve had, and from what I know of project management, whatever dream one has, one has to work within the limitations imposed by the situation. If you can only afford 2.5 weeks of rehearsals , its rather daft to try and create 2hrs of brand new material across 3 shows.  Then they play the guilt factor – that they themselves aren’t getting paid, that they’re working much longer hours. But they’re irrelevant arguments – that was their choice and good on them for that, but for me, its a job, and its got to be run that way.
However, on many occasions I’ve gladly put in extra, because I was invested, and I was respected enough that I was never told to do extra, it was my choice.

What is frustrating is that this attitude is never going to change, because most dancers are grateful for any chance to perform, and if one isn’t there certainly is a younger one who damn well will, and so I fear that its never going to be sorted.

Anyways, thats my whinge for the moment.