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I’m teaching digital architecture at a university here. Its driving me mental on several fronts

1. The Students

Admittedly they are first years, but they show no attack or curiosity. None. Its soppy but I was talking to a friend in early childhood education and she was telling me these wonderful stories of kids with shiny eyes excited to read a book, play with blocks, paint whatever, but with my students, there is nothing. No fire in the belly. I had one with his headphones in the entire time. needless to say he’s failing.
its a programming course, so I show them principals of scripting, and send them away to experiment a bit with them.
And what I get back is my own scripts, with the variable names changed and not even the variable values.

2. The subject itself

Architecture is a tremendous pile of wank. Really. I mean I really like some of it – (see the giant kraken) I think there are really interesting things that could be done. But the subjects premise of mapping variables using an entirely deterministic system seems pointless and needlessly complicated to me.
Basically we are using a ‘turtle’ type program to draw curves. However what is the point of writing a hideously complicated script which tells the turtle to run around pseudo randomly and make extra random lines in certain areas and not to in others?

I mean, something like that is around 60-100+ lines of code, when you could easily draw it yourself for considerably less fuss seeing you know exactly what you want it to do anyways.
And what does it tell you? Its meaningless because all it does is generate random lines – there is no intrinsic meaning to it. It just looks like something important and impressive

I mean they were looking at egress and whatnot, which is a fancy way of saying entrances and exits, so that clump in the front would represent possible paths into the space and blah. but who the frick cares? If you actually knew where people went, you’d use video and track and trace. Or you could use a semi intelligent AI system to simulate it. Whats the point of generating psuedo random lines?

3. An obsession with scripts.
I think its because they have no idea what the point of script is. They seem to think that if it can be scripted, then it must be more ‘authentic’ . There is the idea that the machine can come up with something new, which is probably why they are doing these scripts. But everything the machine does is an explict instruction with some silly arse randomising. John Maeda cleverly outlawed randomising in his class. I may do the same. Its not emergent, its not reactive its just blah.
Anyway. End rant. For now



Last night we paid tribute to our friend Tanja, taken away too soon at 29 with the world at her feet.

Well apparently this blog has been snatched up by a web crawler.  The word hirsute appears to be a catch word for a website specialising in hairy women.

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So yeah, got an interview at USYD med school in a month! its all going to plan….

Not strictly MY show, but there’s bits of me stuff in there.