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So my interviews are done. I haven’t had time to really reanalyse it due to crazy new project I had to get up and running, but honestly I couldn’t be happier with it. I said everything I wanted to, well and concisely, I prepared as much as possible and I think I came across well. So hopefully that is better than 40% of the others and I should be right for a CSP place.
Now is the waiting game.
I hate the waiting game, so lucky that I have extirpation to work on and my (hopefully) final tights and tutu’s performance


“The components of the natural world are myriad but they constitute a single living system. There is no escape from our interdependence with nature; we are woven into the closest relationship with the Earth, the sea, the air, the seasons, the animals and all the fruits of the Earth. What affects one affects all – we are part of a greater whole – the body of the planet. We must respect, preserve, and love its manifold expression if we hope to survive” – Bernard Campbell, Human Ecology

Extirpation is a visually stunning, poetic look at the human impact on our environment, and the interconnectedness of things.

Check its progress on its own blog.