The exhibition went great. It has to be said, it went as well as I had hoped and was what I had imagined all those years ago.  Well 2 and a bit, but still, its been a long gestation period.

It was so gratifying that a/ it worked and b/ people really liked it. I guess as artists we always question what we are doing, and I know for me, striking out on my own was my next big step and a big unknown as to whether my work stands up on its own.  Now with a few works under my belt, I can feel more confident that my work does stand up, and not only that, it stands up well.
I am also so lucky and grateful to have collaborators of the calibre that I do, Adam Synnott being my main partner in crime and very understanding family when I take over the lounge room.

We got a good review in Dance Australia too, so props for us.

Ok I’m done now.