The turn out for the anti pulp mill rally was fantastic, with an estimated 10000 turning up in crappy weather.
I’m hopeful that it will have some effect, though I’m dubious how much the government, largely controlled by Gunns, are going to pay attention to it.
more information can be found here on the pulp mill proposition.

On a related note, a series of really horrible ads have been popping up on Tasmanian TV – misinformation about the pulp mill , and the latest, a scare campaign against the Green party, saying that
1. They’ll introduce heroin trials
2.Support gay marriages
3.Create a new gender – intersex
and other bunk which really aren’t a bad thing at all, in fact they’re reasons I’ll vote for the damn party, but done in a hilariously b-grade horror film way.
I’ve even heard of some Bob Brown posters being defaced with ‘suspected paedophile’ on it.
Absolutely disgusting.