Serving Girl : That’ll be $21

Me: $21? Here
<hands over $21 and gets tray to leave>

Serving Girl: Thanks

Serving Girl 5 seconds later: Excuse me, its $23.50

Me: Excuse me?

Serving Girl: (looking at me like I’m some hitherto unknown toe scum) Its $23.50, you only gave me $21 (slowly and carefully in case her mental gymnastics  prove too much for my feeble brain)

Me: Oh right, (fishing around for extra $2.50 for the sludge from the bain marie of death) (now looking at her with more than mild distaste)

Serving Girl (still speaking very slowly and clearly) You can have the receipt

I would have loved to tell her to shove it up her ample arse, but left it with a disgruntled mumbled and shuffled off unsteadily to consume  my exorbitantly priced sludge. Bring back Spirit 3 with the buffet of death – at least I didn’t have to pay extra for diarrhoea.