So here I am sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania once more, feeling more than a little bit sore after an exhilarating climb on Sunday and a “quick” run to finally summit Mt Anne and earn me a few peakbagging points. Somewhat quesy due to crap food for which I paid an unholy sum for, and that peculiar stink of the Spirit of Tasmania, my guess being industrial cleaner mixed with Legionairres disease in the air conditioner and puke ground into cheap carpet.
A little sad at leaving Tasmania again. This quick little job reminded me just how much I enjoy spending time on this little Island. I think, plan A is now to finish med school on the mainland, and possibly initial vocational training and then bugger off down to Tas – which would work out great if I have a Bonded Place or and MRBS (Unlikely) as almost all of Tas is considered ‘Rural’ or an area of unmet need.