So as I’m preparing for my university of Newcastle interview, a few things come to mind.
Firstly I have to give props to my friends over at the pagingDr forum are amazing people, they are so generous with their time and advice, and so incredibly supportive.
Secondly, I seem to rely on the fact that I’m the biggest badass, or at least I can pretend I am to actually manage to do anything. Because I didn’t get into uSydney, I somehow don’t think that I’m cut out to study medicine now, and if I can’t believe it, how can I expect to be able to sell it to Newcastle? All this doubt has crept in, questioning why I want to do medicine, and if I could even do it.

I find myself deprecating what I have done, which is silly, I mean I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and while its very different from some of the other applicants who have several papers to their name regarding drug uptake in melanoma cells or whatever, it doesn’t mean its not valid.  But still its hard to hold your head up when the extent of my research has been in wishy washy bollocks like digital architecture (see previous post about what I think about that) or in something obscurely irrelevant like L-systems to represent imaginary trees in an installation.
But I have directed films, I’ve created original works, co-ordinated multi disciplinary teams, managed technology pipelines and designed systems – its got to count for something?  I just have to hope that the admissions people think so.

On the whole blah-ness with getting into med school, I’ve decided, spur of the moment as usual, to put myself up for a Masters of Art in Digital Media at AFTRS, which is a 1 year research program (which as I’ve mentioned is bollocksy research) but essentially lets me do what I want, and get a MA for it.  Something to keep me occupied at least.