So as part of our tour around regional Tasmania, we were to introduce children to the joys of the ballet. So out come the costumes, the inevitable questions as to whether or not one can do the splits, the walking on the toes etc etc.
To make things a bit more exciting I added in a few big ballet lifts including the always crowd pleasing one armed lifts (which is nice and easy with a partner as small as Noodle) , but this one time, at a Slopeytown, (so called because of a steeply raked stage) I decided that audience participation was to go and I would risk my lower back for the amusement of the towns children and lift them.

So we got 6 little uns, and one by one they were hurled into the air, however, perhaps the excitement or sheer terror proved too much, and the last one, as she was lifted high in the air, couldn’t contain herself and let rip.

damn stink children.