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Lovely little bit of prose from Andre Jordan

Possibility Girl
Everyone thinks Possibility Girl is possibly a genius. Any day now, they continually agree, Possibility Girl will make it big. Become a star. ‘You won’t forget us when you’re famous, will you?’ they always say, as Possibility Girl begins yet another amazing project.

The only person, who doesn’t believe in Possibility Girl’s possible genius, is Possibility Girl herself. She thinks they’re being too kind. She isn’t gifted at all. She’s a fake genius, bluffing her way through life. She is convinced the moment she tries to actually achieve her full potential, she will fail, fall flat on her face, and the people that once admired her from afar, will admire her no more. And so Possibility Girl never actually achieves anything. She just sits on the edge of her possible glory and basks in the adulation of her potential.

A hazard of the job, usually one that we take in our stride.
After Gigantor – the Ballerina from my previous ballet ( I may blog about her soon. Suffice to say her name was well justified), I was hoping that I could earn some easy giftmas monies being a rent-a-prince for a friends new ballet school.
Typically the girls are small, light and good which makes me look good. And I love attention.

Well the attention was great, and most of the girls were small, light and good. But unfortunately my partner was not. She had never partnered before, and had no aptitude or instinct for it. She was an ok dancer on her own, but put someone partnering her and it went pear shaped.
I managed to avoid most injuries, but memorably, I got cracked in the nads during a shoulder sit due to uncontrolled flailing limbs, and the equally unpleasant, Arse in Face. At least being 18 she had more sphincter control meaning I was mercifully spared the farting part. But still having someone shove their arse into your face repeatedly (unless its Eva Green)), with nose breaking force is still not fun, and not the picture of grace and elegance that the Sleeping Beauty is supposed to be

Totally ripping an idea from, because it’s just such a good idea, here is my soundtrack for 2007

Its been about a year since starting this blog, mainly as a diversion while I recovered from my pneumothorax. Its be a year of lots of ups and downs – largely focussed around the stress of attempting to enter medical school – GAMSAT, the interview process and the waiting. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people on some fantastic projects, and realised a long held dream to create extirpation – the result of 2 years of scheming and plotting, made possible by the genius of Adam. It was uniquely rewarding to create something from scratch in a project of my own.
I managed to enjoy dancing again, and also reinforced the enjoyment I get out of teaching.
It has been a relatively quiet year though, a lot less adventure than the previous years, fingers crossed that the next few will be back up to standard and will make more interesting blogging.

But, back to the soundtrack

1. le mur – Florent Pageny
2. How to Save A Life – The Fray
3-7 Cello Concerto in E Minor – Elgar. Played by Jacqueline du Pre
8. glósóli – sigur ros
heysátan – sigur ros
10.vaka – sigur ros
11. Spiegel im Spiegel – Arvo Part
12. Requiem – Faure
13. Giselle – Adam
14. Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg

15.From the Rue Villin – Max Richter
16. In the Sun – Joseph Arthur
17. Water from the Same Source – Rachel’s
18. No Regrets – Aesop Rock
19. Roads – Portishead
20. Waiting for my Real Life – Colin Hay

One of my favourite blogs, Audaci, which recently went down is back!


Terranik has been accepted as a Medical Trainee to the RAAF!

Basically it means she is paid by the RAAF a salary while studying as well as all study expenses covered during medical school. Post graduation she eventually becomes a Medical Officer to the RAAF, which I think is  GP with aeromedicine specialisation and she will work on base, as well as overseas deployments.

Props from me, and the best wishes to her as the first year through Notre Dame Sydney 


I didn’t think it could get cooler than terminator piggies, but, this could be.  Not as cute though

Terminator Piggy!