So the Newcastle interview went ok. I think. Actually I have no idea how the hell it went, they were very friendly, they didn’t need to re-interview me, which means they got what they needed, but the all important question of whether its a yay or nay is up to His Noodliness.  I did notice that down to a person, all the prospective students, were, Asian and from either James Ruse or North Sydney Girls.  Which is a bit of a bugger after the wonderful mishmash of people I met at the graduate entry courses.

I put in a for a Masters of Art at AFTRS as a back up. It’ll be good, it’ll allow me to work on extirpation and also a host of other projects that I’d like to do.
There are also scholarships over to the UK to undertake postgraduate studies in the creative industries, so there are options.