A hazard of the job, usually one that we take in our stride.
After Gigantor – the Ballerina from my previous ballet ( I may blog about her soon. Suffice to say her name was well justified), I was hoping that I could earn some easy giftmas monies being a rent-a-prince for a friends new ballet school.
Typically the girls are small, light and good which makes me look good. And I love attention.

Well the attention was great, and most of the girls were small, light and good. But unfortunately my partner was not. She had never partnered before, and had no aptitude or instinct for it. She was an ok dancer on her own, but put someone partnering her and it went pear shaped.
I managed to avoid most injuries, but memorably, I got cracked in the nads during a shoulder sit due to uncontrolled flailing limbs, and the equally unpleasant, Arse in Face. At least being 18 she had more sphincter control meaning I was mercifully spared the farting part. But still having someone shove their arse into your face repeatedly (unless its Eva Green)), with nose breaking force is still not fun, and not the picture of grace and elegance that the Sleeping Beauty is supposed to be