Christmas and New Years Yummies

Pan Fried Ocean Trout with Noodle Salad

Ocean Trout fillets, skin on
Masterfoods tuscan herb mixChilli Flakes/Piri Piri seasoning
Fish Sauce
Olive Oil

Lightly coat the fish with olive oil and generously cover with both seasonings, adjust chilliness to taste.
cook the vermicelli and dunk in cold water to chill
Cut up mango and cucumber into little cubes
Toss the mango and cucumber through the vermicelli and add in some sea salt, some mirin and fish sauce
On high heat or bbq, cook the fish – mostly on the skin side, and finish on a lower heat on the flesh side. You want to make nice charcoaly crust on the skin.


Puddles’ Blue Cheese Mussels

Nice idiot proof recipe – serves 6

2kg mussels
2 small onion or 1 big un
2 stick celery
1 leek
375ml fish stock
sea salt
1 lemon
120gms crumbly blue cheese (not blue brie. I  used Bleu d’Auvergne)
baby spinach
2 cups white wine
200ml thickened cream

so cut  the onion, leek and celery, and saute with butter until tender
add in fish stock, juice of lemon, wine, crumbled cheese, cream and baby spinach.
Bring to light boil – taste the soup and salt/pepper/sugar to taste
whack in the mussels
and watch closely as its easy to overcook.
once they open you’re done!

Serve with nice baguette to dip in the chowder


porcini risotto  for 4

Aborio rice 300-400gm depending on hungriness
half a bottle of white wine
2lt of chicken or vegetable stock
45gm dried porcini mushrooms
Salt, pepper
2 cloves garlic
1 small onion

put the porcini mushrooms in a small bowl in hot water for 20min prior to cookin

in a pan, chop up onion and garlic and saute in butter
simultaneously have the stock simmering
once the mushies are done soaking, filter the mushroom juice (it may have dirt in it) and add to stock for extra mushroomy goodness
so once the onions are soft add in the aborio rice and toss around so the grains take on some colour and get nice and toasty.
add in a ladle of stock and stir
and continue doing this for ages until the rice is to your desired texture (i like it firmish)
I alternate the stock with the wine.
About 10-15 min from the end (ie a couple of ladles of stock left) add the mushrooms in.