So after the excitement of Flinders’ offer came the decision to make – to take a BMP offer, or hang out and see if I would get a CSP (unbonded) offer from Newcastle.

I decided on Flinders University, for a variety of reasons that aren’t very exciting at all. Yay. And as of tomorrow, I should hopefully have a lovely little townhouse to move into, and new adventures begin 1st of February.
At 2100 eastern time, I received this from the UAC.
Its nice to be wanted, though I am totally happy with my Flinders place. I hope that my newcastle offer will go on to make some other medschool hopeful as giddily excited as I am. After the disappointment of the uSydney rejection, I’m feeling pretty good now. Sweet.

And being on a roll, I took a great class today, it was huge, 59 people, which is neigh on unmanageable for a beginners ballet class. But it was fun and friendly and I think people really enjoyed it and people came up to chat after. Which is fantastic, I really must remember to thank my teachers more often. Teaching various things – dance and 3D animation software/programming and whatnot, has made me really appreciate the effort and energy that goes into making a good class.
I’m proud that I’ve built the class up to these numbers, and will be really sad to leave them and the Company in 1 short week. I’ve learnt so much, and gotten so much out of teaching there. Its become my longest running continuous job and has a lovely sense of home to it.