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She wears tremendously skinny jeans. On her it looks good.  She has a cute nose and big sleepy eyes with a mouth that looks like it could devour her own head. Which is huge, perched on a skinny frame.

Ah, lollipop girl….


‘I’ve nothing against people (to use a vogue phrase) having ’emotional intelligence’ as long as it is allied with ‘intelligent intelligence’. What I am less anamoured of is people diving into emotionalism and abandoning anything else at all’

-‘How Mumbo Jumbo conquered the world’ Francis Wheen

Very funny, do read it if you have half a chance

So here I am, first time on the wards, out to take a history, something exotic and exciting. Like House. Amyloidosis, lupus, something exciting.
No such luck, broken head of femur and surgery to fix. Still, i’m all dressed up, and talking to a patient.

She cries



Holy hell. First 2 weeks of med school done. It was intense, there are 135 people to meet, new routines, a hospital and campus designed to bewilder and confuse.  I’m kind of settling in – enjoying the challenges and the people, but I’m feeling my lack of science background tough to handle.
I’m already having to stay back till stupid hours just to keep afloat-I haven’t read a textbook since high school!  But hoping that it will get easier as it goes on.  I can however draw totally awesome pictures which is my contribution in PBL sessions.   To be honest, I am roughly on par with the science kiddies, I fall behind in the biochemestry and some of the cohort have PHD’s in their pet hormone so I’m never going to catch up there, but overall I’m happy with it.  Though I’d love to try and find a way to have a life as well.
I’m missing dancing and being active, other than becoming increasingly squishy, its odd not feeling stretched. There is a sensation in the body when you’re in top shape, it feels somehow ‘ready’. Ready for whatever silly thing I have in mind. Now I feel disconnected, or in James Joyce’s words, ‘lived a little distance from his body’.

However I have been able to go climbing at a lovely spot a short way out of town, though in keeping with the theme of my adventures – for those of you who have followed them, I managed to make it all the way up a grade 18 arete – which isn’t all that hard but I haven’t climbed above 16 for 6months, and was about to top out when my hand ventured near a hive of particularly territorial wasps which promptly swarmed and stung the crap outta me.  Apparently it my a few seconds to decide that letting go was the better option to being stung, and came back down. I was more than slightly concerned as I’m rather allergic to bees and other stingy creatures, but it seems i’m reasonably immune to wasp venom. THough I do swell up  in entertainly huge, painful and itchy lumps.

But anyway, overall this adventure is going well, the people are great (if all scary overachieving types), and I’m having fun. Hopefully there will be stories of debauchery, nurses and on call rooms soon, as I”m doing med for the nookie!