We had a Cultural Awareness day last week. It was strictly an Indigenous Culture Day but I’m just being pedantic.
It was partly great and partly woeful.

But I have ranted about it enough to everyone at uni and its rather specific so I’ll leave it off the blog. However we did get treated to a woefully stupid lecture on unresolved grief events.  It was an explanation of how intergenerational grief can be seen to be responsible for the current state of Indigenous Health.  I’m slightly dubious on this, I would think its the gross inequality of social and economic circumstances faced by indigenous communities, would play a tremendous role. But I’ll give her that if she wants it, certainly emotional reasons play a real part in health. However, she went on to say that cancer was in fact caused by grief (intergenerational or otherwise) and that while we might treat cancer with drugs and surgery now, in future, we’ll refer cancer sufferers to grief counsellors like her to be cured.

I mean WTF?! Oh, you have a nasty pancreatic cancer, why dont you go see a grief counsellor, have a hug and see how that goes?

She then went on to explain how international grief is causing global warming – with the solution being in 7 easy steps involving crying, hugging, dancing, singing, alone time etc. I’m sure those things are very nice to do, its effectiveness on global warming is slightly more dubious.


Funny cartoons



But people buy this stuff

My story of alty crap medicine  :

It was a few years ago and I wasn’t doing too great, nothing specific mind you, wasn’t sleeping well, general malaise and some of my friends suggested seeing esther, a lady renowned for her healing powers. I thought what the heck, see how it goes

Her treatment modality was truly something to behold. Her diagnosis is truly astonishing, she holds your hands, while muttering to herself – at this point she is talking to your cells directly and asking them what is wrong.
Phase two is also something to behold, you lie down and she holds your head while she reads off a photocopied piece of paper a chant which goes something like this
” I ask you cells to heal yourselves in the correct time, not too fast adn not to slow. Oh liver I ask  you to regain your balance…..”

By this point i couldnt’ quite decide whether to collapse in giggles or explode in incredulity. I think i settled for a mild spasm, which she probably took as efficious treatment.

I got a bunch of herbs too with the parting note that I could always just send some hair if i couldn’t make it into see her personally and she would treat me from afar.

It cost $125.

I did feel better after that, though I think it was because I haven’t had such a good giggle for a while, but after that I learnt that she claimed to cure cancer as well, where my angry set in.
Its one thing to treat non-specific minor complaints – in some ways its the suckers fault (i learnt my lesson) but to advocate her ‘treatment’ over something as serious as cancer really pissed me off