An interesting E Anthology which gathers work from poets, artists and filmmakers into a freely downloadable e-thingy.

From the site

The Material Poem is a new e-anthology, edited by James Stuart and published by non-generic productions. It features the work of some 28 Australian poets, artists and critics, all of whom are engaged with poetry, and more broadly language, as a material form.

This body of work is inter-disciplinary, inter-media and often collaborative, spanning a wide variety of formal contexts – page, screen, canvas, space, book, performance and more. The Material Poem showcases the vibrancy of experimental writing in Australia, demonstrating how writing functions as a practice that is never purely literary.”

Worth a squiz if you are so inclined. If you need a review first before committing to 49mb of pdf-y goodness, Astrid Lorange has obliged.