So Audaci, Yay and Polly have all posted their thoughts on future specialties as of now, so I thought I’d join in the fun, though with a mere 9 weeks of medicine under my belt consider it a very ill informed list.

Surgery – Yup
-currently considering plastic/reconstruction – seems like a field that is a bit creative, lots of variety.
-trauma – excitement plus
-paediatric surgery – like surgery, but smaller.

Emergency – Yup seems interesting. short attention span, no ongoing care which is good and bad.

Cardio – maybe. I like the heart.

Respiratory – no idea. I liked the resp physician who treated me?

Haematology – hell no. Interesting but nah.

O&G – interesting, but being a guy probably not

GP – possible esp rural

Gastro – not at the mo

Dermatology – not at the mo

Paeds – yes, like internal medicine, but with small people.

Anaesthetics – maybe – the anaesthetists i know are a happy bunch

Radiology – not at the mo

Path – unlikely

endocrinology – unlikely

General Physician – possible

Nephrology – no. I hate kidneys. complicated bastards they are.