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I do like a good meme, especially when I’ve been tagged! (thanks Audaci and Terra!)
This time its 7 songs I’m into currently so here goes. These incidently are pretty much the songs I’m always into.

1. Water from the Same Source – the Rachel’s. Fabulous. Use it to teach as well as its in 6/8.

2. Hanging Upside Down – the Balanescu Quartet from the ablum possessed. A supremely witty and fun piece

3.Heyastan – Sigur Ros from the ablum Takk. Stunning piece and I’ll be seeing them in Sydney later this year!

4.Autum Music 2 – Max Richter from the album Songs from Before

5.If you knew – Nina Simone.

6.Spiegel im Spiegel – Arvo Part in the album ‘Fur Alina’ One of the most beautiful pieces ever I think. Its so pure, quiet and beautiful.

7.Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg. Dead sexy jazz.

So I shall pass it onto Yay!


Awesome Wall Animation

Read aboot it and the artist Blu

Climbed most of the way up a 22 (5.11a) climb yesterday which is a good 4 grades above what I can usually muster. Great fun. However I strained almost every muscle in my upper body and currently have trouble showering and getting dressed. (rest assured I did manage to shower and get dressed lest you think I’m running around more or less neked and filthy)

Warning : Med nerdiness

So coming from non science background, medicine is like a whole new language – it sounds like english, but it clearly is not.
So, stupid things that I have been caught out on

the Null Hypothesis
everyone kept going on about it, but I kept thinking that it was clearly stupid to create an experiment where your hypothesis was where nothing happened. Turns out that Null does not mean your zeroth proposition, but that it is generated AFTER your hypothesis for statistical pruposes.

Anti Human Antibodies
Which clearly has far too many ‘anti’s in it to be healthy. I was all confused as I thought that ‘anti human’ obviously meant that they dont like humans and so would stay the hell away. For example, if I am anti football, you wouldn’t ever see me anywhere near a football. But it turns out that they really do like Human Antibodies.

They swing the wrong way. Clearly they should be pull to enter, and push to leave so that after one has theoretically washed one’s hands one doesn’t need to grip a festering door handle coated with the flora left by those less hygenic.
Its not even going to cost extra money, just put the stupid hinges the other freaking way

Being holidays, I thought I’d try and eat proper real food before launching back into the student staple of insta noodles



Lamb Ragout with Pasta

diced lamb
dill, parsely
tomato paste
red wine
beef stock

Coat the lamb with cornflower and quickly seal in a pan. (do some garlic while you’re at it) and then whack into a big pot of tomato paste and carrots and red wine and beef stock. Let it go simmer for 1.5hrs or so, add in brocolli, zucchini, mushrooms and simmer for another 10 minutes

meanwhile, cook up your pasta – I used some lovely hand rolled thingys.

Chuck it all together and enjoy with some red wine.

It means nothing, but its one of the little things that, silly as it is keeps me going.
We had our first formal assessment today, a ‘standard’ patient, who is an actor pretending to be a patient and we have to take a history from them ; you know, whats wrong with them, how they feel about it, etc etc.
I managed to get most of the information I needed in 12 minutes and she liked me enough to give me an empathy score of 7/7 (huggy-feely score) and said that she felt really comfortable talking to me.

It is of course entirely arbitrary, and the last SP I saw was less than impressed with me. But still, little things like that reassure me that I made the right choice, and its all going along ok.