I do like a good meme, especially when I’ve been tagged! (thanks Audaci and Terra!)
This time its 7 songs I’m into currently so here goes. These incidently are pretty much the songs I’m always into.

1. Water from the Same Source – the Rachel’s. Fabulous. Use it to teach as well as its in 6/8.

2. Hanging Upside Down – the Balanescu Quartet from the ablum possessed. A supremely witty and fun piece

3.Heyastan – Sigur Ros from the ablum Takk. Stunning piece and I’ll be seeing them in Sydney later this year!

4.Autum Music 2 – Max Richter from the album Songs from Before

5.If you knew – Nina Simone.

6.Spiegel im Spiegel – Arvo Part in the album ‘Fur Alina’ One of the most beautiful pieces ever I think. Its so pure, quiet and beautiful.

7.Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg. Dead sexy jazz.

So I shall pass it onto Yay!