While I was in France, I had the pleasure of eating this particular entree which was spectacular. It consists of a nice chevre (goat’s cheese), cut like a sandwich with olive jam smeared through the middle. Then a green salad with sticky basalmic vinegar (i use Chris Jarman’s) topped it off. Simple delicious.

A shop called Olivier’s & Co on Rue Mouffetard, 5 eme Paris, stocked a version of this olive jam which also has lemony goodness in it – its salty and sweet and has this incredible complex yumminess to it.
Unfortunately everyone in Australia looks at you strangely if you ask for an olive jam.
BUT I found an online recipe at The traveler’s Lunchbox. Check it out!

If however you are teh LAZY like me I made up a simpler version

  • Buy a nice kalamata olive tapenade – mine was a wonderful mix of kalamata olives, olive oil, garlic, pepper, dijon mustard and anchovy.
  • Boil some water with lemon zest, some slices of lemon, honey, green apple and sugar. Fiddle with proportions as you see fit.
  • (For the record I made a small container – approx 150gm of olive tapenade, 300ml water, 1/3 lemon + zest, 1 green apple, 5 teaspoons honey, 4 teaspoons sugar.)
  • Boil your mixture down a bit until the apple goes somewhat mushy.
  • Strain and squash out as much juice as you can. I keep the smooshy apple bits to put in the jam.
  • Pop the olive tapenade into a small pot, whack in the liquid and smooshy apple bits, and reduce on low heat to desired thickness. Keep tasting and fiddle – depending on how salty your tapenade is, you may want to add in a bit more sugar/honey, or a bit more citrusy lemon.

Stick in the fridge. and tomorrow you will have a fantastically tasty olive jam. Spread it on nice crusty bread or do the above recipe. I did this for PBL minus the green salad – just smear a bit of chevre onto a wafer cracker, bit o’ jam and a tiny drizzle of sticky basalmic.