So i managed to pass the last mega block of exams, cardio, resp and renal! huzzah. It was tough cause i directed Med Revue throughout that and was also involved in various other committees and stuff
Now the end is in sight, one more lot of exams and then glorious holidays
However these holidays are probably going to turn out not so holiday-ish due to an astonishing number of things I plan to do – John Flynn placement, short animated film with a string quartet, some design work, research.
Now if only I could work out how to say no. But these are great opportunities and I think i ought to take them while they present themselves.
I’m supposed to get into some sort of shape so I can perform next year as well which should be interesting seeing I haven’t performed for neigh on 2 years by then

Nothing else that interesting seems to happen, it’s all just uni things.
I’m still humbled by the incredible grace of some patients to allow a bumblie like me to fumble around them for an hour. I had one lovely gentleman who raised his blood pressure to unhealthy levels due to his eagerness to ‘help’ me. I couldn’t keep him down, he kept popping up and down and twisting and turning in his enthusiasm.

anyway, pic of the day :


canon 40d with canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens at ISO 3200
1/40 f2.8 175mm

our med school soccer game, with our Brazilian import showing how it’s done
canon 40d with canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens at ISO 400
1250 f5 200mm