Angelique Flowers was dying of cancer just before her 31st birthday. She recorded this message for the Australian Prime Minister and asked Exit International to publicise it after her death. She died on Aug 19 2008.

I’m reviewing laws around end of life care, and was reminded of this case from a few months ago. I had a heated argument with a friend of mine over the matter.
It is a topic I am very interested in, and will continue to mull over.
In med school, you can see in people the optimism of science, the primacy of survival. Death is losing, and losing is anathema to these people.
But my thought was that, death is not always bad, there is a dignity in knowing when it is time to move on.

from Angelique’s video:
“I don’t believe in stoicism. I freely admit to not being a brave soul who grins and bears the pain and soldiers on

I deeply admire people who rise above the adversity and their suffering. But I haven’t grown from my illness or become a better person from its torments. All I want after 16 years of painful Crohn’s disease and now cancer is to die a pain-free peaceful death.

“Because euthanasia was banned in Australia I am denied this right …

“We finally have in Kevin Rudd a prime minister who is a person as well as a politician. A man who had the conscience to say sorry to our indigenous people, the integrity to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

“I beg the Labor Government to continue beating with the heart it has shown and to ensure euthanasia is made legal once again.

“The law wouldn’t let a dog suffer the agony I’m going through before an inevitable death. It would be put down. Yet under the law, my life is worth less than a dog’s.”