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Some photos I took while on rural placement


During term time food gets to be pretty basic variants of pasta, noodles, rice and penut butter an jelly sandwiches

But its holidays and there is time to experiment a bit so I bring you

Grilled Trout with Anchovy-Caper butter sauce on steamed bok choy

You need for 1 serve:
1 big Bok Choy or 2 baby
1 Ocean trout or Salmon fillet with skin
tablespoon Butter
2 Marinated Anchovy fillets
tablespoon o Capers
1 big clove Garlic
Lemon/lemon juice
Olive oil

Super simple and easy

Bok Choy
So steam some bok choy

Liberally cover the skin side of fish with salt and a touch o pepper


smash up garlic
dice/smoosh anchovy filets
heat pan with a dash of olive oil and butter in it.
Once it starts sizzling chuck in garlic and anchovy and capers
add a dash of lemon juice and sizzle away till garlic is browned

Place bok choy on plate
stick fish on top of it
pour sauce on top of fish


I thought I ought to write down my plans for this year. Also due to the fact that I make an awful lot of plans, it’d be interesting to see how I go with them.

1. Get through second year medicine
1a. develop anatomy resource
1b. Research and publish

2. Get fit
2a. Run a sub 25 5K run
2b. Run the City to Bay 12K
2c. Run a half marathon. 21K (oh dear)
2d. Lose the muffin top that has been growing
2e. Keep climbing – 21 top rope. lead 17/18

3. Regain technique, perform well in new show
3a. lose a heck of a lot of weight about 8kg
3b. Learn to salsa

4. play piano again
5. Make short film – Father and Son
5a. Win oscar by age 30
6. Grow the business
6a. seek out opportunities for exhibiting
7. Volunteer with Starlight and Lifeline