I thought I ought to write down my plans for this year. Also due to the fact that I make an awful lot of plans, it’d be interesting to see how I go with them.

1. Get through second year medicine
1a. develop anatomy resource
1b. Research and publish

2. Get fit
2a. Run a sub 25 5K run
2b. Run the City to Bay 12K
2c. Run a half marathon. 21K (oh dear)
2d. Lose the muffin top that has been growing
2e. Keep climbing – 21 top rope. lead 17/18

3. Regain technique, perform well in new show
3a. lose a heck of a lot of weight about 8kg
3b. Learn to salsa

4. play piano again
5. Make short film – Father and Son
5a. Win oscar by age 30
6. Grow the business
6a. seek out opportunities for exhibiting
7. Volunteer with Starlight and Lifeline