During term time food gets to be pretty basic variants of pasta, noodles, rice and penut butter an jelly sandwiches

But its holidays and there is time to experiment a bit so I bring you

Grilled Trout with Anchovy-Caper butter sauce on steamed bok choy

You need for 1 serve:
1 big Bok Choy or 2 baby
1 Ocean trout or Salmon fillet with skin
tablespoon Butter
2 Marinated Anchovy fillets
tablespoon o Capers
1 big clove Garlic
Lemon/lemon juice
Olive oil

Super simple and easy

Bok Choy
So steam some bok choy

Liberally cover the skin side of fish with salt and a touch o pepper


smash up garlic
dice/smoosh anchovy filets
heat pan with a dash of olive oil and butter in it.
Once it starts sizzling chuck in garlic and anchovy and capers
add a dash of lemon juice and sizzle away till garlic is browned

Place bok choy on plate
stick fish on top of it
pour sauce on top of fish