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So this is a grossly simplified and bastardised version of Simon Bryant’s dish (of Cook and Chef fame and head chef at Hilton Adelaide), which I’ve never had, but sounded nice. I probably should mention that it tastes pretty good and while probably not as nice as Simon Bryant’s version, it does take a heck of a lot less time and stuffing about.

laziness hint – good packet miso soup works fine as the broth and comes with seaweed in it. (i use the S & B ones which seem to be ubiquitous in Miso soup in australia)
you still need miso paste for the marinade though. You can get them in handy 1 use sachets which is great if you don’t make a lot of miso.

this is set for 1 portion


Piece o Fish – i used barramundi, but Kingfish or other firm meaty white fish would work
70gm Soba noodles
100ml mirin
2 tspn sugar
asian greens (i used bok choi and choi sum)
enoki mushrooms
shitake mushrooms
50gm miso paste
nori seaweed
silken tofu
chilli oil or chilli flakes
spring onion

bring 100ml of mirin and a dash of sake to a gentle boil
add in about 20gm per piece of fish of Miso paste
mix in 2 teaspons of sugar and mix well
dash of chilli oil or sprinkle of chilli flakes
leave it simmer for 5 min until it reduces a bit and is a little bit glazy

put the fish in a bowl and cover with the marinade for 30min at room temp

After marinade,
heat some oil in a pan and cook the fish so that its got a lovely caramelised glaze
about 3-5min each side

Noodle and broth
Bring water to boil, chuck in miso paste and nori seaweed
put in a sprinkle of chilli flakes/dash of chilli oil
stick in soba noodles
chuck in asian greens and cubed tofu about 2 min after noodles
chuck in mushrooms about 3 min after noodles
stir for another min.

To serve:
put in noodles, tofu and vegetables and mushrooms in a bowl (arrange as your artistic fancy takes you)
pour in broth
place the fish on top of it all
sprinkle with finely chopped spring onion


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