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more photos, some of which are old but I dont think i’ve put up on this here site
Others are from the competition
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going by “giantKillerRobots”


So I probably should be studying for imminent exams, but made up a new dish.

Snapper and pasta aglio et olio

you need
1 firm fishy fillet(i used snapper, blue eye cod/trevalla or similar)
4 bits of proscuitto, pancetta or smokey bacon. (enough to wrap around fish. I used 8 super thin bits of proscuitto)
chilli flakes
extra virgin olive oil
Masterfood tuscan herbs seasoning (or similar. make it yourself. i’m too lazy)
lemon juice



light drizzle of olive oil over it
a sprinkle of herbs
bit o pepper
squirt o lemon

cook pasta as normal
while that is happening heat up some olive oil in the pan, and quickly fry the fish on both sides (like 30sec each) and then chuck it under the grill. (or oven at 200 degrees or so for like 10-15min. i’m scared of my oven so i use the grill)
in the same pan, put some chilli flakes and garlic and some more oil on low heat. soften the garlic.

about 2min from pasta doneness, chuck in the asparagus/broccolini
then drain when pasta is done and the vege has gone bright green
stick it into pan with the garlic and chilliflakes and toss it round
with generous amt of pepper

chuck pasta onto plate
chuck fish onto plate

So I’m in this photocompetition thingy and I have to take a bucket load of photos for it, in the hope of winning one of said cameras

please VOTE! (competition site should be up in a few days)