Emo Boy
Why so sad, O emo boy?
Why aren’t you glad and full of joy?
For the sea is clear, the sun is bright
Pretty girls abound, for your viewing delight!

‘My life sucks don’t you see?
Whats the point to life, to me?
She ignores me every day,
My parents allow me no say.
No one understands me, the hurt I feel
Deep down in my soul, the pain’s quite real.
I can’t be bothered explaining to you
You’re just like everyone else I knew
False, fake and phoney
No honesty at all, just baloney.
Leave me be, alone forever
I dont need you, not now, nor ever

Headphones on, he turned from me
Lost in his thoughts he faced the sea
As the waves rolled in, I let him be
Sad sorry little emo boy.