Lots of funny words in medicine – euthymia, meaning a normal, non depressed, reasonably positive mood
the right sort of mood to be in.
Its been interesting seeing what different people consider ‘normal’ personality and ‘normal’ states of mind.
I interviewed one patient, who has exceptionally detailed religious ideas, formed from a mish mash of other religions -taoism, buddism, judeochristian and new age. Interestingly when it comes to religion, it is actually a matter of how many other people that believe the same thing as you which is more or less the defining factor if your beliefs are classed as religion or psychosis.
We were given the example of a Hare Krishna, our illustrious neurologist had no idea if what he was saying was in line with Hare Krishna beliefs, but his fellow Krishna’s assured him that it was infact out of line and he was thus treated for psychois.
This seems a tremendously arbitary way of determining illness to me, I mean its probably a necessary distinction – the alternative being that all religions are delusions (which would probably make Dawkins rather chuffed) or that religion is again, out of the jurisdiction of rationality.

As an artist, sometimes I get lucky and get inspired, and its really exciting, I want to write it all down, explore it, tease out the ideas while I can still see it. I love these times. It doesn’t come all too often, sometimes it doesn’t lead anywhere good, but it’s exciting and may come up with really great things.
It’s this amazing energy, a tingliness, and you can see, feel, touch, smell connections between ideas. Just magic.
This, however, is more or less the definition of hypomania with possibly a bit of mild psychosis thrown in.

Reminds me of something John Nash (A beautiful mind) was reportedly to have said when asked how an intelligent man like him could believe such crazy things; “these ideas came to me the same way my mathematical ideas did, so I believed them”

I am not mad?