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Med Reg explaining an AV fistula for a renal patient

“So you have veins which are tubes which carry blood from your heart all the way to your fingers and they gradually get smaller like branches on a tree. Then you have arteries which are small tubes that carry blood back to your… oh dear”


‘Ok, you need to be not here’

And that was the first and last I saw of my reg for that rotation.

Clinical tutor: so one uses the pads of the fingers to palpate the abdomen – soft to deep in each area. Ok?
Student being demonstrated on: what if the patient is tensing?
Clinical tutor : oh, well you should be stronger than they are, so just press harder!
and proceeds to demonstrate on an increasingly uncomfortable looking student.

I have mad clinical skillz

Setting : Emergency Department, late. 8 month old with ?bronchiolitis/pneumonia

ED reg: Ok so what are the causes of bronchiolitis?
Me: Umm Viral, RSV is most common and adenovirus where you see diarrhoea as well.
ED reg: good. name 5 others….influenza, and parainfluence
ED Reg: why does adenovirus cause diarhoea?
Me: I dont know, sorry
ED reg: Did you do latin? no not with me? what does “adeno-“ mean?
Me: Gland?
ED reg: no, it means stomach, adeno means stomach. Like how adenocarcinoma means cancer of the stomach, so thats why you get diarrhoea with adenovirus.