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first consult of the day

So I broke my finger on an illegal weapon, ignored it for week, then got it set and wired by the orthopods, then i kept bumping the k wire, demanded they remove it early, continued to not care for it, became infected, continue to ignore, and now its all youse doctors fault and I’m sick of being blamed for it. And no I wont get an Xray or have an ortho review unless you look after my dogs for me.

WT and F?

Sunset and approaching storm over Mt Gillen, Alice Springs. Clicky for larger


12am, Hospital in the middle of buttfuck nowhere

Code 2 – Chest Pain, shortness of breath

Sotto voce
‘Hey doc, do you think you can get me some of dem cock stand pills?’

needless to say there was no chest pain, and only a mild exacerbation of asthma.

More picatures!

Showing how it's done

We were having a tute on management of chronic renal disease, and the boss said that vit D stimulated the excretion of phosphate
Oh how we laughed
(it increases absorption – in fact hyperphosphatemia is the limitation on using calcitriol in trying to correct high PTH)

i need new friends

Camping under the Stars

Well, because my colleagues are all into it here, here and here I shall do the same. That and its just about the only interesting thing thats happened for a while, other than being pantsed in the FOSCE’s and adding a notch or 2 to my belt.

1/ Elective in Swaziland doing surgical sort of things! Lions and zebras and things!
2/ Elective somewhere. eek. hopefully africa doing something trauma surgerery.
3/ holiday! 6 glorious weeks trundling through morocco & southern europe i think.
4/ ED. essential skillz
5/ General surgery. Funsies!
6/ General medicine. because i should probably know something about medicine
7/ paediatrics. ’cause kids are cuuute. even if they are sick and snotty.
8/ Rural surgery in the tuna capital of australia. Tasty and fun!

so lots of things to look forward to.and at least i’ll know if surgery is for me. i probably should have put in something else. oh well

Full speed ahead!