Well, because my colleagues are all into it here, here and here I shall do the same. That and its just about the only interesting thing thats happened for a while, other than being pantsed in the FOSCE’s and adding a notch or 2 to my belt.

1/ Elective in Swaziland doing surgical sort of things! Lions and zebras and things!
2/ Elective somewhere. eek. hopefully africa doing something trauma surgerery.
3/ holiday! 6 glorious weeks trundling through morocco & southern europe i think.
4/ ED. essential skillz
5/ General surgery. Funsies!
6/ General medicine. because i should probably know something about medicine
7/ paediatrics. ’cause kids are cuuute. even if they are sick and snotty.
8/ Rural surgery in the tuna capital of australia. Tasty and fun!

so lots of things to look forward to.and at least i’ll know if surgery is for me. i probably should have put in something else. oh well

Full speed ahead!