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This is not my post as such, but rather a amusing collection of haiku from my esteemed colleagues, inspired and by PTR. I may have contributed a haiku or two.
I thought it a shame if a home not found for it.

If you can’t say it
In seventeen syllables
It’s not worth saying

Some might call that
Incredibly elitist
If not ridiculous

I still don’t know why
Everything is in haiku
But I’m entertained

Son is cranky cos
Her PhD thesis was
Much much much longer

i sure am tempted
to ruin this fancy thread
but haiku is fun!!!

I really struggle
To communicate like this
And I have to stop myself from cramming too much into the last line

Ha ha ha ha ha
Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho
Hee hee hee hee hoo

Peter, it’s cheating
To use one syllable words
For the whole damn thing

If writing haikus,
makes you fail all your exams,
don’t complain to me.

Can’t promise I won’t
Recite poetry out loud
During the exam

MCQ is not
ideal to display prowess
at haiku po-ums

Good point, Jason … but …
We should use this skill somewhere.
How about OSCE?

I concur for i
think breaking bad news in a
haiku form is best

orchid, singapore botanic gardens


This isn’t my story, but one an esteemed colleague told me. But as they don’t have a blob I’m going to appropriate it

Its late in $tinyRuralTown. A woman comes in, very angry and declares loudly that she’s been raped. Her more sober friend stands behind her shaking her head.
However we are obliged to take down the details etc, but we quickly ask the friend what happened. It turns out that she was promised some grog for a shag. The guy evidently forgot his promise and now she was determined to make him pay.
So, eager to get all this over with, we ask her what happened.
‘So he put his cock in my…’ turning to her friend ‘hey whats the technical word for c*&t?’

Unrelated picature

Fishing, stradbroke Island

An irishman is stopped by paramiltary as he’s about to enter Northern Ireland
The military draws a circle on the ground and tells him ” Right if you can stay in that circle, we won’t kill you”
They leave him and proceed to torch his car.
Turning they see him pissing himself laughing “What’s so fucking funny?”
Giggling he replies ” I was jumping in and out of the circle the whole time”

Some of our palliative patients are like that. As long as they think they’re in control and sticking it to the man as it were, they’re happy. Even when everything is going wrong.

Good on ’em