‘Have you got any allergies?’
‘Excuse me?’
‘Oh, Eggs?’
‘Yup, I luv baked beans though…’
‘Ok, beans huh? what happens when you have eggs?’
‘See I need somfin wif ma bacon…love baked beans. Heggs though…’
‘What happens when you have eggs?’
‘I dunno doc, when i see ’em, i jus feel sick. But I gotta have somefin wif ma bacon, beans are good… Say, can you get me a sandwich and a drink doc?’

*abbreviated from an amusing 10 minute conversation discussing his dietary preferences for beans.

and now for something completely unrelated
This is a picture from my recent Africa trip, which I haven’t blogged about, cause, well its been busy. This 4th year medicine palava was supposed to be a bludge but its been anything but. I”ll try to blog here and there, but it’s gonna be sporadic…