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Not my story, but a good one nonetheless

About 9pm, orthopaedic ward

A Mr Jones has had a hip replacement which went smoothly, however has been vomiting enthusiastically for a few hours.
Bonnie, the intern, has been trying her best to sort it out, but running of of ideas and her Reg in theatre and the med reg uninterested, decides to call her boss known only as Prof, a very english professor of Orthopaedics.

Prof: Yes?
Bonnie : Hellow, excuse me Professor, its Bonnie, your intern. I have Mr Jones here who you performed a total hip replacement on earlier today. He’s been vomitting since 5pm, I’ve given him Metoclopramide and tropisitron, and xray didn’t show obstruction and
Prof :sorry, I’m going to interrupt you here
Bonnie : yes?
Prof : is he vomiting bones?
Bonnie : excuse me?
Prof : its a simple question, is he vomiting bones?
Bonnie : bones?
Prof : yes. Those white calcified structural things that I operate on.
Bonnie : uhh, no.
Prof : well then. Its not my problem. I suggest you call someone else. I dont care who.