Its been a long time. I started a new job this year as the plastics and dermatology registrar at #ruralhospital and they certainly got their pound of flesh with essentially constant on call.
Excitingly I have a holiday coming up and I hope to get back into this blogging thing and maybe a creepy po-um or two.

recently there has been an internet meme ’10 reasons I love dancers’ which, while I have a great many things better to do, pissed me right off. It reminded me of a reason why I left dance. Its the insane narcissism and the complete lack of perspective that many dancers have. Having been a professional dancer and have more or less successfully transitioned into a ‘real job’ I think i’m well qualified to call bullshit. Also I posted this comment and it was censored so I’m extra pissed.
Being a professional dancer is an incredible stroke of luck and a wonderfully privileged position.It is a lot of work but everything good is. There are a lot harder lives out there.
Professional dancers are a privileged bunch > they are genetically gifted, lucky enough to be born into a family which has the resources to provide the outrageously expensive training needed to become a professional dancer and then do a job they love which is not a critical service. Not to downgrade its importance, but lets face it, if you have a crap performance its unlikely anyone will die/the public suffer unduly. I suppose if you have a spectacularly off day you could fouette into the orchestra pit can cause some carnage… But the chance to do something like dance FOR A LIVING is just preposterous.