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I do like a good meme, especially when I’ve been tagged! (thanks Audaci and Terra!)
This time its 7 songs I’m into currently so here goes. These incidently are pretty much the songs I’m always into.

1. Water from the Same Source – the Rachel’s. Fabulous. Use it to teach as well as its in 6/8.

2. Hanging Upside Down – the Balanescu Quartet from the ablum possessed. A supremely witty and fun piece

3.Heyastan – Sigur Ros from the ablum Takk. Stunning piece and I’ll be seeing them in Sydney later this year!

4.Autum Music 2 – Max Richter from the album Songs from Before

5.If you knew – Nina Simone.

6.Spiegel im Spiegel – Arvo Part in the album ‘Fur Alina’ One of the most beautiful pieces ever I think. Its so pure, quiet and beautiful.

7.Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg. Dead sexy jazz.

So I shall pass it onto Yay!


Totally ripping an idea from, because it’s just such a good idea, here is my soundtrack for 2007

Its been about a year since starting this blog, mainly as a diversion while I recovered from my pneumothorax. Its be a year of lots of ups and downs – largely focussed around the stress of attempting to enter medical school – GAMSAT, the interview process and the waiting. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people on some fantastic projects, and realised a long held dream to create extirpation – the result of 2 years of scheming and plotting, made possible by the genius of Adam. It was uniquely rewarding to create something from scratch in a project of my own.
I managed to enjoy dancing again, and also reinforced the enjoyment I get out of teaching.
It has been a relatively quiet year though, a lot less adventure than the previous years, fingers crossed that the next few will be back up to standard and will make more interesting blogging.

But, back to the soundtrack

1. le mur – Florent Pageny
2. How to Save A Life – The Fray
3-7 Cello Concerto in E Minor – Elgar. Played by Jacqueline du Pre
8. glósóli – sigur ros
heysátan – sigur ros
10.vaka – sigur ros
11. Spiegel im Spiegel – Arvo Part
12. Requiem – Faure
13. Giselle – Adam
14. Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg

15.From the Rue Villin – Max Richter
16. In the Sun – Joseph Arthur
17. Water from the Same Source – Rachel’s
18. No Regrets – Aesop Rock
19. Roads – Portishead
20. Waiting for my Real Life – Colin Hay

the very best of Jacqueline du Pre
amazing recording of an amazing artist (thanks to Jackie for introducing me to her)
Her recording of the Elgar is particularly amazing, its so personal so human. Wonderful

Elna Kats Chernin – Wild Swans
Lovely quirky contemporary Australian composer