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Strange things happen in a locked mental health facility, one thing that I never get used to is the sheer disinhibition and inventiveness of the patients. (I don’t feel calling them ‘clients’ as is the fashion of some is correct. They are involuntarily detained by us, ‘client’ seems to imply some sort of choice in the matter – clients choose who they patronise. These are patients, cared for and treated by us because they are deemed to be incapable of rationally deciding for themselves and are a danger to themselves and others but that may be a rant for later)
Anyways, strange things happen…

Student : “So I was looking at the TV monitor and this women walks straight over to a guy and pulls his pants down and proceeds to enthusiastically give him a blow job”
Other student aghast “Was it a doctor?”


Word or Phrase of the day

Dunning-Kruger effect –is the phenomenon whereby people who have little knowledge systematically think that they know more than others who have much more knowledge.

Our techy was a highly annoying man who displayed classic Dunning – Kruger effect.  He pretty much examplified the reason why i dislike some mac users.  Upon learning I used a PC to do graffikal/multimedia work he promptly berated me that Mac was indeed far superior to anything on PC.  When I pointed out that my main applications – Maya and Touch work well on PC. (Maya does run on Mac as of recently) he said that “Bah thats because you use crap PC programs”. Last I checked Maya was a rather well regarded application.
He also boasted that his hearing range was from 2hz to 26khz. Which may be true, though from what I understand of people working in the live music industry thats probably unlikely, who cares? I mean we were doing notes for the show. I couldn’t give a crap if he could hear god himself talking at that point. Ok thats not Dunning-Kruger but still, freaking annoying having someone spending 10 min regaling us his superhuman hearing while we are doing notes.

Continuing on with my stream of conciousness rant – this rant was allowed to continue because our director was incapable of well, directing.  On numerous occasions she should have stepped in and executed directorial decisions and she failed each time.
When a choreographer scheduled new rehearsals outside of official times ‘Talk to him, I had nothing to do about it”
When a choreographer and a dancer had a tiff (rather entertaining too) she didn’t broker a peace or enforce a timeout and mediation. Her solution was to sit at the edge of the studio and say ” I dont know”, then followed by ” she’ll be here”. When it was plainly clear that there was no way those two could actually see each other and not try to kill each other.

A multimedia designer taking photos of shadow play. Simple yes? Well no, it turns out that if you are  bumbling retard and take photos of backlit shadows on a white sheet WITH THE FLASH ON, astonishingly nothing comes out other than a big fat white blarg.
I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if a/ it wasn’t 20:00 on a day i was supposed to finish at 16:00 and b/ having to put up with her constantly reminding us just how damn good she was

Now what else can I rant on about? actually that’ll do for tonight. Good day

After the show, as she walks out the door

“I HAVE to see my boyfriend tonight”

Next day as she enters the dressing room

“Oh my god, my throat is so SORE, I was barking like a dog all night”