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Last year I did a placement in Port Lincoln where I gorged myself on tuna, oyster and crayfish. It was pretty awesome and a beautiful place to visit. Unfortunately the shark cage diving was a bit quiet, which is a good enough excuse to go back.


Arch bars are painful.

Arch Bars

They’re often used in maxillofacial surgery to fix busted up mandibles (of which we see an awful lot of)
They are not comfortable with sharp metally bits sticking into gums.

A patient of ours was recently rediscovered from the wild, as it were, with arch bars half on. 8 years after having them placed and subsequently lost to follow up.
8 years. More interesting is that he had come into hospital on several occasions and no-one had noticed them

More unrelated photos

Libibing Village, Lesotho

Sunrise over Kibo Crater, Killimanjaro

I feel really lucky that I’ve had this time in Alice Springs – the weather has been unusually cool and wet, and the result is that the countryside is just speactacular, and apparently hasn’t been like this in recent memory
And i’m rather pleased to say that Fatty (my subaru outback) made it all the way out to palm valley fully loaded and didn’t die a horrible death as predicted by the sour lady at glen helen. I did lose the sump guard though, but i’ll be replacing that with a super butch metal one (because subaru inexplicably thought 2mm vinyl was adequate). And also a bullbar to prevent scraping his nose in rocks and things. ANd maybe giant lights to avoid cows and hoppies.
But yes. good fun.

Palm Valley

palm valley

palm valley

Olympus EP1
(actually i had this almost ready to go last year… just found it in my drafts folder. OOps)
First Impressions
There are plenty of other sites which have already done a review(try here, here, or here.) So this is pretty much just about how it works for me.
I like the idea of it. Its a nice size, and the photoquality, at low ISO is simply outstanding, and at high ISO still pants any Point and Shoot, though in my eyes doesn’t quite keep up with my Canon gear.
However, it is so conveniently sized! its an absolute doddle to have with you all the time, and that’s its greatest strength. And the colours that come out of the camera are just stunning.
But its autofocus still sucks – its probably better than most point and shoots, but way behind a DSLR and its micro 4/3 friend the Panasonic G1/GF1/GH1, and that really limits what you can use it for. I tried doing candids – which its small form factor really suits it for, but its patchy, slow autofocus lets it down. The 14-42 lens is particularly bad for focusing, and it is incredibly slow (f4-5.6) (though i am spoilt with f2.8 glass on the canon)
The lenses also let it down a bit, the bokeh (nice out of focus bit) is pretty crap with a hard edged 5 blade apeture leaves rough looking bokeh. Also the smallness of the 4/3 sensor (2x crop factor to 35mm) means that control of depth of field is pretty poor compared even to 1.6, and not helped by the smallness of the lens apeture.
The 17mm is better at f2.8 (though still with ugly bokeh), but is too short for portraiture and is still too slow to focus for anything more energetic than a lobotomised slug on benzodiazepines.
A big plus of the EP1 over the Panasonic G series is the body stabilisation meaning all lenses are stabilised up to 3 stops. The EP1 also has a hand digital level – though irritatingly you can’t see that and any other useful information at the same time, meaning tedious menu shuffling.
Perhaps mine was an abberation but the rear dial ceased functioning within a month of moderate usage (maybe a thousand shots) rendering the camera pretty much useless if you wanted to change any settings.
The packaged RAW processor is absolute rubbish – ridiculously slow and clunky so get yer mitts on something else.
The rear LCD is a bit below par for this day and age.

So I love the idea of the camera, and depending on the sort of work that you do, it may be perfect. It certainly forces you to take a slow and more measure approach to photography, and to be honest, some of my favourite pictures came with the enforced limitations of this camera.
But overall, its not me.

Pluses : lovely images, much better high ISO/low light than P&S cameras, small size,
Minuses : slow operation speed – AF, menu mucking about, shot to shot speed esp with Art Filters, below par rear LCD, lousy bundled software, relatively expensive.


long exposure 60 sec, f11 ISO 100

used the pseudo Lomography look art setting.


Hume Weir


Emo Boy
Why so sad, O emo boy?
Why aren’t you glad and full of joy?
For the sea is clear, the sun is bright
Pretty girls abound, for your viewing delight!

‘My life sucks don’t you see?
Whats the point to life, to me?
She ignores me every day,
My parents allow me no say.
No one understands me, the hurt I feel
Deep down in my soul, the pain’s quite real.
I can’t be bothered explaining to you
You’re just like everyone else I knew
False, fake and phoney
No honesty at all, just baloney.
Leave me be, alone forever
I dont need you, not now, nor ever

Headphones on, he turned from me
Lost in his thoughts he faced the sea
As the waves rolled in, I let him be
Sad sorry little emo boy.