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There’s a great video on vimeo by nicolas deveaux

and the question turned to its plausibility. We wondered how flexible giraffe necks are, and it turns out pretty flexible, though I couldn’t find any solid info on max flexion.
So if we say that it could infact bend his head and neck into an appropriate position, would the neck be strong enough to flip his/her buddies

so firstly I tried to work out the force exerted on the head/neck
so assuming a 5.5m tall giraffe, at an endurance run of 31mph and a weight of 3500 lbs (whatever values came up first on google) I’m working on the idea we’re converting forward momentum into vertical so the math should work, basing it off  It comes out as is 55.4kn which is a fair bit. (5600kg or so)…

There was no data on the tensile strength of a giraffe’s neck, but helpfully there is on people.
human neck tensile strength is about 3100N (
a male giraffe neck is about 70cm circumference at the head and 152cm at the base (…/Mitchell_Growth_2013.pdf…)
and human male neck circumference is 35cm (

tensile strength scales with cross sectional area so it comes out at about 12kn. Which is unfortunatelysome way short of the 55.4kn it would need to flip another giraffe. Shame. It would hold up a smaller giraffe though (2698lbs)

i’m not really a mathematician so please correct me if i’m wrong!


As a dancer and ne’er do well, I’ve never had to have proper shoes, I have spent the majority of my adult life in sneakers, socks, barefoot or in ballet shoes. Its very comfortable.
However, I am now the proud owner of fancy black leather shoes with the leather soles, and while uncomfortable, I’ve found it tremendously amusing to stride around in tiled hallways. The clipitty cloppity has such a nice air of importance to it. Its like in the movies, you always hear the men in the suits power walking with a briefcase to deliver the turning point of the movie.

Its fun.

So after the excitement of Flinders’ offer came the decision to make – to take a BMP offer, or hang out and see if I would get a CSP (unbonded) offer from Newcastle.

I decided on Flinders University, for a variety of reasons that aren’t very exciting at all. Yay. And as of tomorrow, I should hopefully have a lovely little townhouse to move into, and new adventures begin 1st of February.
At 2100 eastern time, I received this from the UAC.
Its nice to be wanted, though I am totally happy with my Flinders place. I hope that my newcastle offer will go on to make some other medschool hopeful as giddily excited as I am. After the disappointment of the uSydney rejection, I’m feeling pretty good now. Sweet.

And being on a roll, I took a great class today, it was huge, 59 people, which is neigh on unmanageable for a beginners ballet class. But it was fun and friendly and I think people really enjoyed it and people came up to chat after. Which is fantastic, I really must remember to thank my teachers more often. Teaching various things – dance and 3D animation software/programming and whatnot, has made me really appreciate the effort and energy that goes into making a good class.
I’m proud that I’ve built the class up to these numbers, and will be really sad to leave them and the Company in 1 short week. I’ve learnt so much, and gotten so much out of teaching there. Its become my longest running continuous job and has a lovely sense of home to it.

Well apparently this blog has been snatched up by a web crawler.  The word hirsute appears to be a catch word for a website specialising in hairy women.

Its linked with this catchphrase : “Rate my shaven pussy, Fat nude beutiful hairy pussy chubby girls gal ”
which is remarkably non-sensical, but also bound to leave  any takers sorely disappointed.  Of which I know there to be at least one.


 one day that oversized mouth of hers will one day gain sentience and eat her own head.