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Last year I did a placement in Port Lincoln where I gorged myself on tuna, oyster and crayfish. It was pretty awesome and a beautiful place to visit. Unfortunately the shark cage diving was a bit quiet, which is a good enough excuse to go back.


I feel really lucky that I’ve had this time in Alice Springs – the weather has been unusually cool and wet, and the result is that the countryside is just speactacular, and apparently hasn’t been like this in recent memory
And i’m rather pleased to say that Fatty (my subaru outback) made it all the way out to palm valley fully loaded and didn’t die a horrible death as predicted by the sour lady at glen helen. I did lose the sump guard though, but i’ll be replacing that with a super butch metal one (because subaru inexplicably thought 2mm vinyl was adequate). And also a bullbar to prevent scraping his nose in rocks and things. ANd maybe giant lights to avoid cows and hoppies.
But yes. good fun.

Palm Valley

palm valley

palm valley

found the original file and decided to rework it a bit

Went on a road trip to Melbourne to see Wicked -the musical which was just simply fantastic. have been driving myself mad singing it for the last week

Came back via the great ocean road which was lovely and got some good pictures along the way.  Sorry, not feeling very verbose at the moment, studying is effectively pantsing me

Just on a tech nerd note, the koala pictures were taken with a little canon G9 – not bad for a point and shoot, holds up quite well i think.  The others were done with a canon 40d with the 17-55 IS f2.8 lens which is just loverly.

As usual if you want to use any of these images for public/commercial purposes, please ask permission first

Serving Girl : That’ll be $21

Me: $21? Here
<hands over $21 and gets tray to leave>

Serving Girl: Thanks

Serving Girl 5 seconds later: Excuse me, its $23.50

Me: Excuse me?

Serving Girl: (looking at me like I’m some hitherto unknown toe scum) Its $23.50, you only gave me $21 (slowly and carefully in case her mental gymnastics  prove too much for my feeble brain)

Me: Oh right, (fishing around for extra $2.50 for the sludge from the bain marie of death) (now looking at her with more than mild distaste)

Serving Girl (still speaking very slowly and clearly) You can have the receipt

I would have loved to tell her to shove it up her ample arse, but left it with a disgruntled mumbled and shuffled off unsteadily to consume  my exorbitantly priced sludge. Bring back Spirit 3 with the buffet of death – at least I didn’t have to pay extra for diarrhoea.

So here I am sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania once more, feeling more than a little bit sore after an exhilarating climb on Sunday and a “quick” run to finally summit Mt Anne and earn me a few peakbagging points. Somewhat quesy due to crap food for which I paid an unholy sum for, and that peculiar stink of the Spirit of Tasmania, my guess being industrial cleaner mixed with Legionairres disease in the air conditioner and puke ground into cheap carpet.
A little sad at leaving Tasmania again. This quick little job reminded me just how much I enjoy spending time on this little Island. I think, plan A is now to finish med school on the mainland, and possibly initial vocational training and then bugger off down to Tas – which would work out great if I have a Bonded Place or and MRBS (Unlikely) as almost all of Tas is considered ‘Rural’ or an area of unmet need.

so part of the idea of going down to dance in tasmania once again was the chance to go walkabout as well!

Wombats at Narawntapu National Park
sprinting wombat

Forest and Creek in the Styx, where there the tallest flowering hardwoods in the world

Russell Falls at the Mt Field National park

the Chasm at the Tasman Penninsula, some of the highest sea cliffs in Australia.

Logging and burning near Fortescu Bay

Somewhere along the Tasman Peninsula